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PenProtect is compatible with Micosoft Windows Seven

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PenProtect Awards 5 Stars from more than 60 WebSite!

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Name software:  PenProtect
Version:  1.45    English (English)
Release Date:  November 2008
File size:  1.9 MB
SO: PenProtect protects with password data Flash Drive, Pen Drive and Flash Memory with any Microsoft operating system and also with the new Windows Seven

How to Install: copy the files directly saved in your Flash Drive, Pen Drive or Flash Memory home directory.
License agreement: the use of PenProtect is subject to acceptance of the "AGREEMENT TO USE THE SOFTWARE PENPROTECT" at the Legal Notices page.

Demo Version of PenProtect: the program to protect Flash Drive, Pen Drive and Flash Memory.
           English English version

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Security and privacy: the PenProtect program will not modify your Windows folders; the Windows Registry will not be changed at all.
How to uninstall: simply delete the "PenProtect.exe" file located in your Flash Drive, Pen Drive or Flash Memory.
Manual: PenProtect handbook is located both in the program and on the Website.
Language: PenProtect is also available in these languages    PenProtect version in Español    Penprotect version in Italian


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